30 Jan 2020 | THE LRM

February 2020 First Sunday

First Sunday This Sunday and we will be starting 2pm 2nd February in All Saints Park, Oxford Road, because I realise with some surprise we have never actually started there before. Our wanders will be guided using an undated version of an old favourite derive prompt. As ever all are welcome and its free to come and play with us. The walk will be at a pace, and direction, decided by participants and will probably head off in different directions.... It will last around 2 hours, please be punctual because we ...

28 Jan 2020 | Blake Morris


10/52 First walked 26 January 2020 by Rosemary and Ritz in Bournville, who ‘stepped out into [their] urban environment for a familiar walk’: ‘Head and nose down we accept our lot, imagining future sunshineas we race for home.’ Blake and Claudia wal...

27 Jan 2020 | Museum of Walking

When did you last count on your fingers?

In this age of screen scrolling, push button and voice activated digital technology, can you remember when you last counted on your fingers? You may have grabbed a pen and totted up the prices on a scrap of paper, but have you used your fingers to count? Go on, take your hand away from the […]

27 Jan 2020 | Curated News

The Listening Wood

The Listening Wood uses SMS text and geofencing technologies to create a digital poetic walk, engaging with the Internet of Things to slow down and focus attention on fifteen of London's ancient and veteran urban trees. Source: The Listening Wood

25 Jan 2020 | Curated News

Let’s take a walk

LET'S TAKE A WALK Once a month I go for a walk.People all over the world join mein real time using directions I sendvia Twitter.We walk together apart. Source: Let's take a walk