Artic Sound Walk – Horatio Clare BBC Radio 3 Slow Radio – 3×15′ episodes – only days left to listen

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Freezing and Finding Episode 1: With a rich, varied and immersive listening experience, in the latest of his Slow Radio Sound Walks, as the winter draws and the snows threaten, Horatio Clare follows Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail from the west coast of the country towards the vast ice-sheet. In a series of alien worlds, the scapes are changing all the time. The light, shapes and colours, the skies, waters and prospects are limitless.

Recorded in October 2019 when the tundra still has life, but the season changes, staying overnight in fishermen’s shacks overlooking fjords, Horatio Clare brings to life the harsh and scenic beauty of one of the classic walks of the world.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Andrew Stuck


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