Ground Works open call: How do we react to our changing environment?

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Ground Works is a creative response to the land, habitat and environment, bringing together leading international artists, poets, and writers in exhibitions, walks, talks and workshops. They’re asking for submissions by March 8.

Ground Works aims to observe and respond to our changing landscapes, how we react to our exterior spaces and the impact of change to our environment.

Through engagement with various art media, practises and approaches, Ground Works wishes to encourage discussion and observation between artists and the public.

Landlinks is taking place as a part of the Ground Works project with a series of exhibitions, talks, walks and workshops, located at various venues in Gloucestershire UK during May 2020.
At it’s core is a synchronised project with work inspired by the environment, walking and studying the landscape.

You are invited to choose an urban or rural location and set out on the same day and the same time, in different places in UK and abroad, to walk and record using multidiscipline art forms.
Ground Works will provide a script to determine your stopping points, which will be randomly chosen places/landscapes.

The exhibition’s aim is to avoid ‘attachment’ to subjects that are ‘interesting’ or ‘beautiful’ and to leave that choice to chance; to connect art and the power of walking with differing landscapes across the UK and abroad.

Resulting material will be shown in Three Storeys Gallery in Nailsworth in May, as well as on the internet.
Further details are available here.

Ground Works welcomes your expressions of interest. Email your reply to [email protected] by 8th March.

Lead image by Bill Psarras.

Kel Portman

Kel Portman

Marŝarto23 shortlisted

Kel Portman is an artist, curator, independent researcher and educator. Co-founder of walking artists collective Walking the Land Former senior lecturer in printmaking, photography and digital arts at The London College of Printing (now the London Colleg...

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