Point d’ouïe à distance

Quand un virulent virus met nos vies à distance met nos écoutes à distance de rues en fenêtres et de fenêtres en rues l’oreille en pavillon sanitaire qui entend bien les distanciations les barrières auriculaires se parler mais de  loin s’écouter mais de loin sans intime proximité la voix ne sonne plus au creux de … Continuer à lire ... "Point d’ouïe à distance"

30 Apr 2020 | martin.p.eccles: walk time place sound

Thursday 30th April

07:04 – 07:47, wind S 2 gusting 4, temp 8C (feels like 6)                           staying in The mid-lands                  step off to avoid thE weeping willow                     roosting pigeons Splatt...

29 Apr 2020 | Walkspace

Robson on… Avian Activity

Since the start of lockdown I have been walking for an hour, around sunset, almost every day. This is great time of day to watch wildlife and the unseasonably mild spring has made it a daily delight. Animals are of course, entirely unaware that the world is a bit more unsettled than usual just now. […]

29 Apr 2020 | GeologyWriter.com

Denny Images

A variety of people have asked me to post some images of Denny Hill so here they are. These are some of what I think of as lesser known photographs. July 1907 – Few things were more exciting than watching the regrade in process. August 20, 1907 – A composite of two photographs taken by … Continue reading Denny Images

29 Apr 2020 | Reading and Walking

A Cloudy and Sunny Walk to Grand Coulee

Thoreau, or so he says, walked 10 or 12 miles every afternoon. Perhaps I could do the same. But where to go? Thoreau walked in the woods, avoiding roads as much as possible, but that’s not possible here, given the province’s trespassing laws and farming practices; few fields have spaces around the edges for passing […]


Partition de PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible, partition n°9 « variations covid-19 »

Translate this page Lieu :  A vos fenêtres, balcons, terrasses Temporalité :  A votre choix Participant (s): Solitaire Milieu : Urbain ou rural Spécificité : Une écoute bien cadrée et confinée Actions immobile : – Choisissez une fenêtre, un bacon, une terrasse, un coin de jardin – En regardant au dehors, écoutez, imaginez que vous … Continuer à lire ... "Partition de PAS – Parcours Audio Sensible, partiti...

28 Apr 2020 | Curated News

Walk around the World at World Labyrinth Day

Walk around the World, a 24-hour international online event on World Labyrinth Day, that will connect people virtually across time zones on the GoToMeeting platform. This will be a global labyrinth community celebration with presenters from New Zealand to Hawaii, as well as opportunities for participants to greet each other and share as time allows. Source: The Labyrinth Society: The Labyrinth Society: World Labyrinth Day

28 Apr 2020 | Walkspace

Resources for Vicarious Walking

Here's another selection of walking-related media to help you through this time of going nowhere. Audio Eve Phillips and Roxie Collins are co-hosts of Corporeal, a themed music show on Brum Radio. In a different lifetime Eve came on our Full Moon Walk and she told us about the show and in particular an episode […]