31 Aug 2020 | walking it

Six Adult Educators Reflect On Walking

Jerry, walking through the Devil's Glen in Wicklow, introduces an edited collection from the walks he has been on with five adult educator colleagues over the year 2019-20. Sinead, Fergal, Bríd, Conor and Camilla all reflect, as they walk, on the si...

30 Aug 2020 | 33 Temple

The Deveron Projects’ Slow Marathon 2020

As is stated on the Deveron Projects website (https://www.deveron-projects.com/about/slow-marathon/), the Slow Marathon is "Deveron Projects' annual 42km/26 miles themed walking event, composed of a conceptually led walk, expanding upon a theme or an i...

30 Aug 2020 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Walk 68

Lethbridge Coulee LoopFeeling pretty lucky to be able to do this walk right from my house.  Down through the dog run, along the river valley to Fort Whoop-up, up the hill to downtown, and back home in time for supper. Location: Through the coulees to downtown and home through town, Lethbridge, AlbertaLength: 7 kmCompanions: noneDate: 30 August, 2020 [...]

27 Aug 2020 | News

Episode 3 – Walking: from jaywalking to Jan Gehl

/*-->*/ Roger Boulter’s recent book draft (on www.boulter.co.nz) won a 2020 WSP Golden Foot Award. This post outlines some issues covered in the fourth of twelve chapters. The full book text can be found on www.boulter.co.nzWalking: from jaywalkin...