Dance & Tech Forum: 8 – 29 Oct, 2020 – Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW)

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PDSW presents a selection of UK artists working within the various fields of dance and technology today.

Source: Dance & Tech Forum: 8 – 29 Oct, 2020 – Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW)

Andrew Stuck

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...

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On-line meet up with Kerri Andrews – Wanderers, a history of women walking

2020-10-13 18:00


Writer and academic Kerri Andrews has recently written “Wanderers: A History of Women Walking” that challenges the male-dominated history of walking.

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Working towards a platform that democratises storytelling

2021-02-23 19:00


Henna Wang and Michael Reynolds will discuss what they have learned while developing a mobile app, Gesso, creating audio walks, and building a community in New York, all at once. Working towards their vision of democratising storytelling, they'll also introduce their GPS audio uploader that creators can leverage to publish audio walks.

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Can the arts help foster a nationwide love affair with nature? 

10 Jun, 2021

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On line meet up with Horatio Clare: Slow Radio – a new way of thinking about, making and listening to radio?

2020-09-01 18:00


Immersive sound walks have been around for a few decades, enjoyed by individual listeners or in small groups of listeners. Award-winning author and radio producer, Horatio Clare teaming up with the BBC, has hugely increased the audience for sound walks. His narrative combined with quality soundscapes recorded on foot in remote areas, has generated hundreds of thousands of new listeners to a phenomenon know as "Slow Radio".

Walking Event
Greenwich Sounds – “How to Make a Soundwalk Using a Smartphone”

2020-11-14 11:00


Launching a 14-day challenge for local residents and Greenwich Sound Image Festival participants, the Museum of Walking (Andrew Stuck & Marcin Barski) host an online workshop "How to make a (geo-located) sound walk and record sounds using a smartphone".

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Walking slowly while recording the unseen

2020-09-17 18:00


Get behind the microphone to discover how one makes compelling audio recordings that engage both armchair listeners and those of us out and about on foot. We are delighted to have brought together four creatives who have travelled to remote places, revealed hidden histories, and captured the soundscapes and voices of past and present, to enable us to sit back in comfort or stride forward to listen to what is unseen.

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Online meet-up: Martin Foessleitner on ‘Waylosing’

2020-08-04 18:00


Waylosing; a kind of reference to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: how go balance the need for orientation and the desire for the unexpected, unorganized, strange, wild unknown teritory?

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To move as a caravan; to walk, live, create, and discover together

2021-03-23 19:00


Clara Gari, artist, researcher, curator and cultural manager, organises the yearly Grand Tour, a 300 km, 3 week, walking trip that walkers take with artists and activists from all disciplines, sciences and expertises. Discuss, with Clara, the benefits of walking together.

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Online meet-up with Soundtrackcity: Creating a DIY home-expedition guide in listening

2021-01-26 19:00


Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman, of Soundtrackcity, discuss their history of sound walks, their DIY guide on listening exercises called 'Homing inside out', and the question of how to experience a silenced city.

Walking Event SWS20
The spaces between the words – Practices of locative literature

2020-09-25 18:00


Walking Event SWS20
Sounds from the Chase and Chalke

2020-09-18 09:30


75 minute on-line workshop in which you get to learn about planning, writing, recording, editing and locating a sound walk of your very own.

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Songs of place and time

2021-04-20 18:00


To coincide with the publication of 'Songs of place and time', an anthology of contributions from 37 natural historians, we are delighted to have editor, Mike Collier and contributor and bird song recordist Geoff Sample as guests for this café.