The Red Watering Can

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I am walking.
With a red watering can.
Walking in tandem with my friend. From the other side. The other side of the world. What I do. What ever I do. Has an upshot. Here, there, everywhere.
Don’t think you can avoid it. You have no option. You are a citizen of the world. The red watering can pours the water in the sea.
You can pick it up at the other end. Bring it to the Cape of Good Hope for me.
You pour your water into the sea, so it comes back to me.
You have no option. You are a citizen of the world.
We bring our children. What do we leave behind? They ask.
Some red watering cans. Or a world to live in. For some more time?

Claudia Zeiske

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Writer in residence 2021/22

Claudia Zeiske is a Scotland based curator and art activist who realises a lot of her projects through walking, bringing people, ideas and politics together.


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