Amanda Gutiérrez

Online Jury 2022
Amanda Gutiérrez (b. 1978, Mexico City) trained and graduated initially as a stage designer from The National School of Theater. Gutiérrez uses a range of media such as film and performance art to investigate how these conditions of everyday life set the stage for our experiences and in doing so shape our individual and collective identities.
Approaching questions from the soundwalk perspective continues to be of special interest to Gutiérrez, who completed her MFA in Media and Performance Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently elaborating the academic dimension of her work as a Ph.D. student at Concordia University as part of the HUMA Department.
Accordingly, these techniques also constitute the core of the pedagogical practice Gutiérrez has developed over a decade of teaching in diverse settings, including academic institutions such as the SAIC, Connecticut College, and NYU Abu Dhabi. She is currently an academic adviser at the Acts of Listening Lab and PULSE Lab at Concordia University and part of the board members of the World Listening Project.
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