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Andrea Vassallo

Andrea Vassallo

(United Kingdom / Italy)
Of Italian origins but based in England, Andrea is a PhD Candidate and an art technician at the University of Chichester, West Sussex. He is a sedulous walker with many thousands of kilometres under his feet; he walked several Camino of Santiago routes, Italian and English trails, and his latest walk was during the summer of 2021 when he walked 2000 km from his home in England to his family home in Italy for his PhD project titled ‘From home to Home’.
His artistic practice focuses on the participatory quality of the work, where the environment presented is enabled by the direct involvement of the visitor. The idea of everyday objects becomes the interlink between physical action and experiencing, moving away from the traditional relation between visitor and art-product, introducing a hands-on approach where the somatic participation is fundamental for the fruition of the work.


People who jog, run, and sprint have their share of problems that slow-moving people can barely comprehend. One is oversupination. As the OED defines it, to oversupinate is “To run or walk so that the weight falls upon the outer sides of the feet to a greater extent than is necessary, desirable, etc.” A 1990 Runner’s World article gets to the crux of the problem: “It’s hard to ascertain exactly what percentage of the running population oversupinates, but it’s a fraction of the people who think they do.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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