30 Jan 2019 | Hybrid Flaneur

From stones to GPS: Critical reflections on aesthetic walking and the need to draw a line | BILL PSARRAS

From stones to GPS: Critical reflections on aesthetic walking and the need to draw a line Bill Psarras   Interartive e-Journal (ISSN 2013-679X) Editors: Ziogas, Y., Sylaiou, S. and Mendolicchio, H.B. Special Issue: ‘Walking Art / Walking Aesthetics’ #100 (December 2018)   Paper Submitted: 22 May 2018 Paper Accepted: 8 September 2018 Paper Published: 10 December […]

02 Oct 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

On a Glocal City

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 When we speak of the glocal character of something or someone, we refer on both the local and global qualities of it. It is an interesting portmanteau that probably academic Joshua Meyrowitz (among others) brought it in the academic discourse, when he begun to use such a concept in his talks (mid-1980’s) one of which […]

16 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Urban metaphysics: Flaneur and genius loci

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Reflections on Genius Loci (Sense of Place) There are many times that we feel or perceive a place and its atmospheric qualities as distinctive – something that has referred as the genius loci of each place. Genius loci forms a term from Latin genius (guarding spirit) and loci (of place, of location) […]

09 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Initial reflections on a ‘Metamodern’ Flaneur

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Tendencies: The Modern and the Postmodern Across cities, architecture, philosophy, arts, literature, politics, culture and economics; their approach has been part of wider theoretical frameworks – tendencies – what it is known as modernism and postmodernism. Modernism (19th-20th century) has been concerned with Reason, Science and the objective knowledge – the one […]

02 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

On a philosophy of traffic lights

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Cities are being regulated by humans and non-humans, in ways able to facilitate various material and immaterial mobilities. One of such non-human regulators are the traffic lights which follow a global standard colour code: the green, the orange and the red. Traffic lights can be found at the intersections, crossroads and pavemenets […]

27 May 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

The poetics of encounter: Humans, Minerals and Stars

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Magnifying the encounter for the hybrid flaneur: Collisions as sculptures   We walk, we breathe – muscles become mobilized and a whole bio-activity takes place within us in real-time. Senses are activated; initiating a sensory melody with emotional implications, which is extended and is being shaped by everything. For the artist-flaneur not only […]

29 Apr 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

On Cities: We are Multiplicities

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Embryos under becoming For a city it is not only the asphalt that makes it tangible. Similarly, in all of us it is not only the skin that renders us real. Both cities and humans are characterized by a multiple nature. We are dynamic constellations of flesh, emotions, thoughts, imagination, actions, sociality, stupidity […]

21 Apr 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

On Cities: We are Electricities

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Cities are made of humans, they surround us – yet they are within us – and in a way we are the city. Cities thus are a kind of knowledge to be obtained. They encapsulate our past halo of experience: errors, victories, uncertainties – yet they are an example of our future intention. Cities reflect […]

05 Mar 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Metaphors for the flaneur: ‘Botanizing’

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Understanding metaphors Metaphors have been used from an array of intellectual voices to describe the dynamic constellation of flaneur, city, walking and senses. Yet, before entering into such a constellation, I would like to describe what a metaphor really is. Metaphors are not just mere theoretical words. They describe practices and situations […]

20 Feb 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Towards an urban romanticism: The Antenna

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Everything is urban I am urbanized. Possibly lots of us and numerous layers of our experience seem to have been urbanized. By this, I mean an entangled set of practices, situations and encounters that are not only characterized by the city but they also inform what we know as the urban condition. In other words, […]

17 Feb 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Skin and the street: Interrelations

Text: Bill Psarras © 2014 French philosopher Michel Serres (1985: 3) describes the skin as the ‘variety of our mingled senses‘. Yet for him touch is quite significant as the linking sense with the world around us. Indeed, touch and the haptic experience (hands, feet) connects the subject with the surroundings, making apparent the very personal “I” […]