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A group of friends constitued around Dr Beatriice Khoumeri scientific lecturer of the University of Corsica : professionnals of walking, mountain guide-lecturers of the Mountain office of Nebbiu, Marie-Noelle Lorenzi volunteers amateur photographer and friends who voluntary contributed during the conference via Hub Corsica’s Facebook page : from Corsica, Alain Stuart, Maria Zuccarelli, Rita Fiorello, Patrick Khoumeri, Ellowyn Isaacson from US California, Ali and Chafik Khoumeri from Algeria Great Kabylia....

A Facebook page has been created on July 4th to Publish events before and after Walks organised by Hub Corsica team on its items Walking/Transmission/sustainable futurs.
But also and overall to launch a call to our friends who were walking beetwen 4 and 17 juillet in Corsica or elsewhere to share their pictures and descriptions around our theme of transmission…
Thus we expand our Hub to new contributors Rita, Alain, Patrick, Maria from Corsica ; Ellowyn from California who by chance was making a long trip with her family ; Chafik from Kabylia in Algeria in the other side of mediterranean sea as announced in the project.

fat man’s folly

A narrow gap in a drystone wall or rock face ie one a fat man would be foolish to try to get through. A number exist in the Lake District bearing that specific name but it is also a general term in Cumbria for any narrow gap.

Added by Alan Cleaver

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