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Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli is a computer scientist and independent researcher. He holds a master's degree in Digital Arts, and has been awarded a Ph.D. degree by the University of Plymouth. As the director of the ojoVoz project, he has developed a software platform and a sociotechnical methodology for the collaborative creation of community memories in rural and urban contexts. This methodology is currently being applied and expanded within the context of the ICT for Agroeocology framework, developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Swissaid.
He has presented his work in multiple conferences, festivals and exhibitions throughout the world. His platform-based research is available at

earl-footed, hurdle-footed, club-footed

As in “He’s got feet like an earl-footed turnip” (said of someone who walks with his feet turned out). from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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