14 Apr 2020 | Mathis Nitschke

Sound Mix Concert Video Duo2KW

I did the sound mixing for this concert video with very unusual music. DUO2KW with Klaus-Peter Werani, viola, and Kai Wangler, accordion, have produced their corona-canceled concert in the schweres reiter for the online stream and address the audience ...

01 Apr 2020 | Mathis Nitschke

To live

Justified criticism of the regents mixes with dangerous trivialisation of the danger, fear of existence can no longer be separated from fear of the virus, highly interesting ethical questions come to a radical head and are buried under a wave of well-i...

19 Feb 2020

Touched by sound in Munich

Last year, for Sound Walk September 2019, Mathis Nitschke received an honourable mention for his piece Inside Mphil. Here’s Mathis in his own words. I’m a music composer working regularly with orchestras, a fascinating and thrilling experience, especially when you can be really close to the musicians: the notion “touched by sound” actually turns into a physical experience here. Making … More

07 Feb 2020 | Mathis Nitschke

How MAYA became an economic success

How I managed to get an audience for an indie classical music-theatre piece and enjoyed applying creative entrepreneurial strategies to a publicly funded art project. Der Beitrag How MAYA became an economic success erschien zuerst auf Mathis Nitschke.

20 Jan 2020 | Mathis Nitschke


Klaus Mann outlined in his novel the timeless dancing on the volcano and the fall of the glamorous. A panorama of his contemporaries, the artists and intellectuals, children of the gods of the Golden Twenties, who did not want to give up their ecstasy ...

21 Nov 2019 | Mathis Nitschke

Only you know if we made it or not!

Starting from an omnipresent end-time mood, Emre Akal and his team ask for this: "What is it that you are looking for? What comes after the imaginable future, after the collapse of liberal democracy and old Europe as we knew it? In a formally abstract ...

18 Oct 2019 | Mathis Nitschke

Small Places

As part of the RE:ECM exhibition at Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, Korea, my piece “Small Places” presents the entire music catalogue ever produced by ECM Records as a sound installation. It is inspired by the game of ping-pong which can be regarded...

18 Oct 2019 | Mathis Nitschke


Created in collaboration with digital artist Lars Ullrich, "Flow" lets the visitor experience the motion inside the music. By creating an abstract landscape from the music, the visitor can explore its fluid dynamics and be part of its organic behavior:...

21 Sep 2019 | Mathis Nitschke

Against Hate

"Sometimes I ask myself how they can do that: to hate so much. How they can be so sure. Because that's what the haters must be: safe. Otherwise they wouldn't speak like that, hurt like that, murder like that. They must be sure. Without any doubt. Doubt...

08 Jul 2019 | Mathis Nitschke


The pedestrian zone in front of the Kunsthalle Munich: There, a homeless person appears in the midst of lustfully shopping, well dressed people. In the hopelessness of her existence, she transfigures everything ordinary into art. Sounds from her memory...

15 May 2019 | Mathis Nitschke

Inside MPhil – St. Nikolai

With the free app "INSIDE MPHIL - St. Nikolai" you can experience the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra virtually on the meadow behind the church of St. Nikolai near the Munich Gasteig as if the musicians were set up there. With the GPS-connected smartphon...

12 Jan 2019 | Mathis Nitschke

Return to Reims

Didier Eribon's book of the same name was published in German in 2016 and quickly became a bestseller. The resulting debate about the socially "dependent", who are overflowing to the right-wing camp, continues to be lively. In the theatre version by di...