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Mel Sutton

Mel Sutton

I’ve recently taken time out of my practice due to a health scare. In 2022 I found out I had a brain tumour and had surgery to remove in December 2022. As I write this I have no idea what the future holds but do any of us really know the answer to this?

What I do know is that I’m happy to be alive and I know its my meditation and spiritual practice had helped me gain strength through all this adversity.

I am a Health advocate using natural medicines and have always been interested in the healing properties of plants, flowers, trees and nature. I have seen and experienced wonderful healing through nature.

I am deeply involved with understanding energy, consciousness and the creative intelligence that underlies everything

I have worked as a Homeopath which has taken me to Calcutta and Greece. I studied Aromatherapy which took me to France and Nutrition and coaching which is a global skill. I trained as a meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra and can help you find your peace through mantra and breath.

A co - founder of the Urban Tree Festival, the 2020 & 2021 online festivals I curated a 9 day programme 'slow mornings' celebrating the healing effects of trees and nature, that included deadly tree meditations.

Namaste and if you got this far thanks for reading 🙏🏼


To walk stiffly and slowly: When ower da crö da sun wis high, Oot staagin cam da Setter kye.

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