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Dr. Inês R. Amado
Amado was born in Leiria, Portugal. Her work spans several media: video, site-specific installation, sound and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration and participatory projects through a process of dialogue, interaction, and exchange. Her work is informed and immersed in Deep Listening® and she is an aphiliate of D.L.® in the UK.
Her practice as an artist also involves curating and organizing. In 2014 she co-organized, co-curated and participated in BreadMatters IV ARtos Cultural Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus.
BreadMatters is a research program composed of exhibition and debate that questions and focuses on socio-cultural, sustainable, ecological, political, historical and geographical issues around bread and the importance of bread in the history of humankind and which, brings together artists, historians, writers, musicians, philosophers and the public in a program of exhibition, collaboration/participation, debate and workshops.


A slow, leisurely walk that encourages musing or a sense of wonder (see attested Middle English etymology).

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