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Simon Bradley

Simon Bradley

Ambulant sound artist and oral historian(United Kingdom)


Online Jury 2024
SWS23 shortlisted
Simon is a freelance musician, sound artist and oral historian specialising in GPS-based locative audio work. He is fascinated by shifting connections between memory, voice, place and power. In 2016 he completed a practice-led PhD “Archaeology of the Voice’, in which he explored oral history and geo-positioned oral history, pioneering 'Displacement Activities', a form of trans-locative ambulant performance. He now lives on the Cumbrian coast beside the Solway, constructing ephemeral assemblages from field recordings, found objects and fleeting words. He performs irregularly in various combinations using voice, electronics, acoustic instruments and site-specific soundings. His most recent performance, with duo Cank, combined sound installation and live playing deep within Stump Cross Caverns, Yorkshire—the first time in recorded history this has ever been done!


A person, book, map, etc. that frames a series of walks and points of observation and contemplation with a particular town, city or landscape – it often places the fictional, fanciful, fragile and personal on equal terms with tangible, municipal history.

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