Cândida Borges

Cândida Borges (Brazil) is a musician and transmedia artist, educator, composer and researcher based in NYC (US). She developed an established musician’s career from an early age, as a classically trained pianist, singer-songwriter and composer, having performed in most theaters and festivals in Brazil and Latin America. In 2013, she was awarded by the National Foundation of Arts in Brazil and since then she has been developing an international career as an artist, songwriter and transmedia composer, including collaboration with producers like Dan Freeman (Comandante Zero/US), Corey Baker (Touch of Class/US) e Rami Abousabe (US), Max Wild (343 Labs/US), Alê Siqueira (SP), Deeplick (SP) e Patife (Bahtekum Records/SP). Cândida’s last music works have been highly billed in the international electronic music scene.
As an interdisciplinary artist, in 2015 her video-music work “Memória e Fado” was selected and exhibited at Lorimoto Gallery (New York) curated by NYFA. In 2016, her video-music work “Reza pro mar” was selected for the Borderless exhibition presented in Berlin, Amsterdam and New York. In 2018, her video-music work Palm Hand was exhibited at the Karsten Gallery (Plymouth/UK), at EarthDance, Massachusetts, US) and at CreaLab (Medellin, Colombia). Her last work, the new media art Transeuntis Mundi was presented at Parque de Los Deseos (Medellin/ CO), Rochester Institute of Technology (NY/ US), Art Context Miami (FL/ US) and Museum of the Moving Image (New York, US). Cândida was also an artist in residency at the International Interdisciplinary Artists Consortium (Massachusetts/US) in 2016, 2017, 2018. She has been the coordinator of the Brazilian Non-Profit Casa de Arte e Cultura since 2000 – an entrepreneur of socio-cultural projects and curator of events and programs to promote and exchange art, education, and culture throughout Brazil and worldwide. As a Ph.D. Candidate at the Interdisciplinary Center for Computer Music Research at Plymouth University (UK), she is conducting research on transmedia composition and human migration. She is Master and Bachelor in Piano Performance (UFRJ/BR), specialized in Music Production (SAE/NYC), and holds multiple education on the subjects of voice, performance and new media art.

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