Yonatan Collier

SWS Award winner
Yoni Collier is currently working towards a practice-based PhD; an examination of how location based recording, musical performance and production can be used as tools for examining artistic practice, landscape and history. Alongside a written thesis, Yoni will be composing and producing immersive, interactive musical pieces that will laid over specific landscapes and ‘performed’ through location-aware Smartphone apps.

Yoni holds a BA in Popular and World Musics from Leeds University and an MSc in Sound Design from Leeds Metropolitan University. Alongside his research, he continues to work as a freelance producer, composer and performer.

As an artist and producer, he has been signed to numerous independent and major labels. A former member of Heads We Dance, Deuce & Charger and Lone Wolf, he has performed at venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

His experience in composition for visual media includes work for dramatic film, corporate clients and video games. His music has featured on TV shows on ABC Family, ITV and Sky Sports, and he has scored films that have been exhibited at numerous international film festivals including the BFI London Film Festival and The ECU European Independent Film Festival.

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