9 Oct, 2022

Spring has arrived, here in my portion of the Bottom Half, even if that means having to suffer through the occasional tropical storm.

Today, that meant going for a walk down the Rio Cotia, the river flowing through the municipality next door, until we met the 'Cachoeira da Graça'. 'Cahcoeira' means waterfall, while 'Graça', capitalised, would imply the name 'Grace', but could also be the noun, or even 'free'.

It is 'free', as in that it is freely accessible. And, with the extensive urban agglomeration that is greater São Paulo, one of the few waterfalls that are accessible within reasonable striking distance from the city.

What that means, is that it not only attracts families who want to lounge in the sun, while benefiting from the cooling effects of the water's haze, but also that it attracts practitioners of Umbanda, the Afro-Brazilian religion which, though with broad and global roots, only took shape in its current form, most probably as late as the early 20th century, on the opposite side of the bay from Rio de Janeiro.

This time, we did not leave any offerings, and joined the sunbathers instead.

See you at the cascades!

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