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11 Feb, 2024

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light" - Helen Keller

It may not be so much a coincidence that the news about the second International Conference and Encounters: Walking Art and Relational Geographies (1-6 July 2024 in Catalonia) was launched this weekend, when today “To make a Friend Day” is celebrated, around since the early 2000s and feasted by people of all age around the world, as an opportunity to reach out and make meaningful connections with others, whether it's in person or online.
After all the walking encounters in Catalonia, now the second edition, is all about connecting and walking together, with known and unknown like minded walking artists and thinkers.
The week long event is organized in collaboration with walk · listen · create (WLC), curated by Clara Gari and Geert Vermeire, supported by Andrew Stuck, bringing artists and researchers together, creating opportunities for networking, chatting and creative ‘experiencing’. As the ones who came in 2022 to Catalonia and the ones who attended the Prespa Encounters in Greece in 2023 already know, these initiatives are quite a different model than other artistic or academic events of the same sort.

Papers and keynote talks are combined with artistic and walking performances, soundwalks, ‘walkshops’ and other creative activities in and between the beautiful cities of Girona and Banyoles. Check out the video of the 2022 encounters in Catalonia.
This year there is a full day of transit from one city to the other, so during that day, all the activities will be made by walking, along part or the whole route of 25 km that separate one city from the other (transport will be provided for those not choosing to walk the whole distance). You can send your paper/artistic proposal through the contact page of You will find there all the information about how to apply, the selection process, options of where to stay etc.

Looking forward to walking with you (again) in Catalonia this Summer.

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