A Different LENS #Distance Drift

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2020-09-27 09:00
09:00 UTC

Our map A Different LENS is up and ready for you to explore on Saturday September 12thWe are inviting you to experience three selected stories on our map with a walk #Distancedrift.These are led by the fab author, artist, founder of #womenwhowalknet @SoniaOverall on twitter. We will release the locations of three stories to explore on our map A Different LENS on Saturday morning .The Sunday drift is a walking event delivered with prompts through Twitter. These will be related to the three selected stories on the map. You can walk wherever you are in the world, inside or outside. Join #Distancedrift on Sunday at 10am (BST) and interact with our map.We will be adding new entries and stories over the next few weeks and inviting you to join further #Distancedrifts We hope you can join us!
Developed with the help of the geolocation and mapping tool CGeomap.

Elspeth Penfold

SWS Award winner

Elspeth (Billie) Penfold (MRBS FRSA) is a textile artist who combines walking, weaving and performative storytelling. Billie uses hapticity and psychogeography to explore narratives. She hand spins ropes which are knotted by participants as part of perform...

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Free for supporting members
walk · listen · café
Psychogeography and disruption

2020-11-10 19:00


Billie Penfold, shortlisted for the SWS20 Awards, will talk about psychogeography and her walking practice, seeking to disrupt, more than to resolve.

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A Different LENS #Distance Drift

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020 delivered through CGeomap.eu

2020-10-11 09:00