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2024-03-22 10:30
10:30 UTC

The AntVenture project is an artistic attempt to understand how ants not only perceive themselves as “natural beings living among other” but also to speculate how an ant might come to comprehend the very essence of what it means to be human.

Both ants and humans have come to dominate the Earth through the evolution of sociality. And both can be considered “technological” in their own right, entities able to harness engineering and agricultural innovations, where individuals can extend themselves beyond their own physical limitations with “mass communication”. In short, both ants and humans are “world builders””with the ability to completely alter landscapes and develop complex meaning and “togetherness”.

However, humans and ants differ significantly in the fact that if all humans were to disappear from the planet–even with the state of our environment today–it is likely the Earth would adapt and persevere, but if ants were to disappear, it is probable that entire ecosystems would simply collapse into extinction.

AntVenture is a four part series of experiential audio dramas housed in a storytelling-walking app, told from the perspective of four different genera of common ants. These cheeky and punchy works of fiction are based in scientific research and accessed through a unique interactive choose-your-own-adventure walking mobile app.

This work is experiential because the fate of the ant in each episode is dependent on you, the listener. At various places throughout the multi-branching narrative, you are prompted to look at your mobile screen to answer the Y/N Choice Card, a question about the sensory experience you are currently having of your environment at that particular moment.

As you the AntVenture app creates for you the space–if only for a brief moment–to purposefully contemplate your surroundings reminding us all that in even the most concrete laden environments, nature–in the form and essence of an ant– is never really ever that far away.

Many talented people contributed to the AntVenture project. Fred Adam and Carlos Garcia (Spain) are the app and online development team, original music created by Emilyn Stam and John Williams (Toronto CA), the voice of the ants by Tracy Michailidis (Toronto). Script-editing by Mario el Jamal (Ottawa CA), and fact Checking by Dr. Terry McGlynn (San Diego USA). Recorded at Ken Whiteley Studios (Toronto) by Nik Tjelios.

AntVenture was researched, written, produced and narrated by David Merleau. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Participants nr: unlimited

Duration: 60 min (inclusive introduction)

Materials: mobile device/smartphone with mobile data

Meeting point: Art gallery Garagem Avenida

Meeting time: 10:30 am

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David Merleau

David Merleau

Award winner Online Jury 2023 Online Jury 2024 SWS23 shortlisted

I am a radio producer and folklore storyteller with a penchant for biology. My works construct collaborations between two creative forces: Technology and Nature. In my locative sound walks I aim to create a positive feedback loop where the site-specific ...

Fred Adam

Fred Adam

Online Jury 2024

Founder of the locative media portal the GPSmuseum and co-creator of the collaborative mapping and locative media platform CGeomap, co-creators of the Deep Time Walk app and Jungle-ized the app that brought the Amazon rainforest to Times Square in NYC. Exp...

Near Garagem Avenida EAAD, Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques, Guimaraes, Portugal

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