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2024-05-19 02:00
02:00 UTC

The topic of discussion is: Who and what and how are we as a group? How can we best walk and work together?
This topic emerged from our last online meeting as we recognised the rapid growth and development of AWA. We want to continue bringing walking creatives together, facilitating exhibitions and events. As an informal collective we have relied on a few volunteers for the bulk of the administrative tasks. Please join us for a fascinating discussion about our next steps as an Australian Walking Art Collective.
We are reaching a size where it’s important to think about how to manage the administration tasks, logistics and costs of maintaining a viable ARI/Collective. Our group will work best as we walk together. Please come along with your ideas and thoughts about these questions.

Molly Wagner

Molly Wagner

Online Jury 2023 Online Jury 2024

Molly walks in the urban, suburban, and rural landscapes using a variety of media to evoke the complex interactions intrinsic to walking. She is intrigued by the artistic, sensory, speculative, and critical potential walking brings to art. Walking cr...


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