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“Camminando Fotografando”

The photographert artist Roberta Pitzalis proposes to walk and photograph the surrounding countryside of Nurri, not focusing on the “beauties of the territory” but on the waste that is often dispersed in the territory.

Kids and adults are invited to participate




Ivana Pinna

Ivana Pinna

(Spain / Italy) 
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Walking as a Question

4 - 17 Jul, 2021 · 109 items

2021-07-06 15:30
2021-07-06 15:30

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zig-zag walking

A kind of attitudinal or intentional walk in which one chooses a zig-zag pathway, choosing a feature in the environment to walk towards and changing chosen feature and direction at will. A way to subvert prescribed directionality, and view, of built urban pathways.

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