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Sydenham, London, UK

Event details

7 - 12 May, 2024
£20.00/ £12.50

A walking theatre show

Calling all Ravers! Ramblers! Rebels!

For 400 years Sydenham Common has been fought over.

Meet the poets, vicars, wise women, travelers, and farmers who struggled to keep this vast green space for the people. Join them as they celebrate with month long festivals, songs, strange drinks and poetry. See their marches, battles, sabotage and petitions. Hear what the animals of the common have to say, and follow the ghost trees to join the battle for Albion. Your common needs you!

The show is written by walk · listen · create member Bernadette Russell and brought to life by Lewisham-based site-specific theatre experts Teatro Vivo who will take you on a wild adventure across the Common – visiting the treasures of the local area and celebrating the protests and passion of its protectors- thanking them for the green areas in Sydenham and Forest Hill that only exist because of their battles – as we celebrate those who continue to battle today.

This immersive show takes place outside, taking you on a gentle walk (wheelchair and buggy-friendly) of 1.2k starting at Sydenham Wells Park.

Bernadette Russell

I am an author and storyteller. I have been creating audio story walks and live story walks since 2008, usually with a mixture of ancient myth, science, folklore, natural and local history. I am a storyteller/volunteer tree planting supervisor for Trees fo...

Near Sydenham, London, UK

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