Drifting the Liminal (between urban and rural)

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2022-07-07 15:30
15:30 UTC

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While there are official institutionally delineated lines, the cultural, geographic and psychological lines that define the boundaries between that which is rural, and that which is urban, are created by those who observe them in the moment. This drift utilizes walking as an analytical mode to explore these geographic dichotomies in relation to the undefined cultural and psychogeographic spaces that divide them. Small groups of walkers will circumnavigate what they perceive to be the border of Olot while mapping their walk. Through the enactment of the work, and the aggregation of outcomes, walking becomes a cartographic instrument for the investigation and mapping of the perceived perimeter between the urban and the rural.

Participants : unlimited number of groups with 2 to 4 participants
Duration: the initial meeting and setting of the prompt will take only 10-15 minutes. The drift itself is guided by the decisions of the participants, so there is not an exact time that can be determined. To fully complete the walk as prompted may take several hours.
Needs: participants will need a way of mapping the walk. This can take any form of “mapping” that participants choose (digital tracking, sketching, audio recording, etc.)
Location: TBD

Christopher Kaczmarek

Christopher Kaczmarek is a New York based artist whose work spans both experimental and traditional practices, including sculpture, site specific installations, performance, video, built circuits and solar-powered objects. His work is often interactive and...

Near Olot, Spain

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