Forest Talk Radio: Under Your Favourite Tree

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5 - 30 Sep, 2020

Forest Talk Radio: Old Growth (Temagami ON CA) is a walking adventure where you have awoken to a world where your fellow humans act like brainless automatons all thanks to a virus that has leapt over the organic/silicon divide–a digital virus created by trees, and uploaded to the info-grid through cell-phone-hacking fungi, that allows humans to feel what a tree feels when it is being cut down.

I realize travelling to a remote Northern Ontario town is unfeasible for most;) so I am reworking this soundwalk to be available to everyone, from where ever you are–simply go to your favourite park, find your favourite tree and go to and click the ONLINE VERSION button of Old Growth Temagami, or use this link right here to go directly to the soundwalk:

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David Merleau

David Merleau

Online Jury 2023 Online Jury 2024 SWS Award winner SWS23 shortlisted

I am a radio producer and folklore storyteller with a penchant for biology. My works construct collaborations between two creative forces: Technology and Nature. In my locative sound walks I aim to create a positive feedback loop where the site-specific ...

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