Hoo Peninsula Soundings

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Strood, Rochester, UK

Event details

2021-09-25 09:00
09:00 UTC
Suggested donation £6

Join sound recordist and artist Ian Thompson on this walk across the Hoo Peninsula from Strood to Gravesend, following the route of the old Thames and Medway Canal.

Participants are invited to listen closely to the variety of soundscapes we’ll pass through on the way. If you have a sound recording device (even a smart phone) please bring it with you as we’ll be stopping to listen and record every so often: the plan is to archive sounds from the walk on Radio Aporee (more details on sign-up).

Starting at the derelict canal basin on the Medway, we’ll walk through and out of Strood via Broomhill Park with spectacular views of the peninsula and River Thames beyond, before crossing into open countryside towards Higham Station. From there, the railway line that now inhabits the old canal tunnel runs parallel to what remains of the canal itself, and we’ll follow both to the canal basin at Gravesend via marshes and nature reserves along the way.

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson

Ian Thompson is a sound recordist, artist, and musician, with an interest in acoustic ecology and soundscape. He is Senior Lecturer in Sound Production on Film and TV programmes at the University of Greenwich, London UK.

Near Strood, Rochester, UK

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