JMW Turner in North Shields/South Shields

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North Shields NE29 0BH, UK

Event details

2020-09-20 11:00
11:00 UTC

Referencing JMW Turner’s Keelman Heaving Coals by Moonlight we will explore the contrast between the rural & industrial.
Composer Peter Coyte, choreographer Dora Frankel, musician Martin Elliott & one dancer TBC will be making a gentle ‘dérive’ walk recording sound & responding to the landscape with movement & gestures with the purpose of gathering material for a sound, music & dance performance.
Coyte & Frankel have used walks such as these as a starting points for previous projects including ‘The Unfolding Sky – Turner in The North’ and ‘Figures in a Floating Landscape’ premiered last year as part of The Turner Prize celebrations.
Will be of particular interest for artists, dancers, field recordists & musicians.

Peter Coyte

Peter Coyte

Peter is a sound artist & composer based in Whitstable, Kent. His music career began as multi media ambient artist Shape Navigator on Dick O’Dell’s cult label Guerrilla Records in the 1990s and worked with artists such as Seal, David McAlmont, Ech...

Dora Frankel

Dora Frankel

I'm a choreographer, educator and independent dance artist and trained at Rambert School of Ballet & The Benesh Institute. I hold an MA in Choreography and created my first professional work Images for Two in 1977. My work encompasses performance, teac...

Near North Shields NE29 0BH, UK

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