My #Culture30Walks – How Culture 3.0 is your city?

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2022-02-08 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Even before the pandemic the UK, along with many other countries, has seen a shift in how we want to value the way we engage in cultural activities, culminating in the Arts Council England’s 10-year strategy of “Let’s Create”, firmly focussing on supporting access of communities and individuals to cultural production. 

For Carola Boehm a musician-tech-academic, Luigi Sacco’s concept of Culture 3.0 is a key one, characterised by ‘everyday creativity’,  co-creation, open platforms, ubiquitously available production tools and individuals constantly shifting and renegotiating their roles between producing and consuming content. This ‘doing away’ with gatekeeping systems supports access, diversity and is evidenced to simply make all our lives healthier, happier, more creative and more resilient. 

In testing that notion, Carola Boehm took some walks and documented them in a few twitter threads. These #culture30 walks aimed at making visible how places that have attended specifically to cultural policy have almost unknowingly enhanced the everyday creativity that one encounters on a simple 30 minute walk to work. One by one, a #culture30walk told a story of how culture30 a city really was. 

In this talk Carola Boehm shares and discuss how this experience interfaces with those of the walking artist community in a Walk Listen Café moderated by Jez Hastings.  


Carola Boehm is Professor of Arts and Higher Education at Staffordshire University and is the co-lead of its C3 Research Centre for Creative Communities and Creative Industries. She co-leads the ACE funded Create Place leadership programme for cultural and...

Jez Hastings

Jez Hastings is an artist using photography and stories to document his walks and journeys. Coming from a deep sense and understanding of ecology as well as environmental activism, he has worked in creative arts for over forty years interpreting and questi...

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