Online meet-up with Soundtrackcity: Creating a DIY home-expedition guide in listening

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2021-01-26 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman are founders of Soundtrackcity. Based in The Netherlands, they started creating sound walks in 2009, expanding into creating and managing projects to develop new ways of collectively listening to the sounds of the city.

As one of their projects, Soundtrackcity published a listening guide for home quarantine, Homing inside out
Homing inside out provides a collection of scores for a do-it-yourself home expedition filled with listening-exercises. Instead of suggesting just one way of listening, different makers and professionals were asked to share their perspective on listening, creating a very diverse collection of listening scores to help tune into all the sonic richness inside our homes.

Homing Inside Out was Soundtrackcity’s answer to the realisation that we live in unusual times. People are forced to stay at home. Staying healthy, preventing contagion and taking care of others are now priorities. In times of COVID the world feels very different all of a sudden.

The world also sounds very differently, something that concerns Soundtrackcity immensely, as an artist-led organisation exploring the sonic world of cities on foot.

Due to lockdown, Renate and Michiel had to abruptly cancel most of their activities. Besides their previous work and Homing inside out, they will also discuss about how they have adapted to new circumstances, and will speculate on new ways to be active, including their call for How do you experience a quieter city? Or a silenced city?

Join Renate and Michiel in an online discussion of their work and context, moderated by Andrew Stuck.

Renate Zentschnig

Renate Zentschnig

Online Jury 2023

Renate Zentschnig is a graduated theater scientist at the University of Amsterdam and is active as a theater maker since 1992. She obtained her Masters at Dasarts in 2004 and has since then worked as a filmmaker / visual artist / sound artist. The bound...

Michiel Huijsman

Michiel Huijsman

Michiel Huijsman, Amsterdam 1963, is an artist, researcher and independent curator based in Amsterdam. He is the initiator and driving force behind several renowned long-lasting collaborative artprojects in Amsterdam public space. In the pre-digital age h...


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