Online meetup: Nick Hunt on ‘long journeys in short distances’

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Start 2020-06-23 18:00 UTC
18:00 UTC

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Nick Hunt, amongst other things, writes about walking in Europe, and, a while back, walked from one end of the continent to the other. He wonders whether you achieve the mindset that extended walks bring, of days or weeks, can also be achieved by strolling around your local park.

Nick: “On a long-distance walk I’ve always found that something transformative happens around the three-day mark: this is when my body and my brain seem to enter a different register of time and solitude, acclimatising to the rhythm of footsteps and the magic of slow travel. Bu not everyone is able to go on walks lasting days, weeks or months — especially not, obviously, in the current lockdown. So is it possible to find your ‘long-distance brain’ on much shorter walks, staying closer to home? Can you experience the same sense of outlandishness, of walking outside ordinary place and time, on a stroll around your local park? And what can you learn on shorter walks that you can’t learn on longer journeys?”


Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt

Nick Hunt is the author of two books about walking in Europe: Where the Wild Winds Are and Walking the Woods and the Water, as well as The Parakeeting of London, a work of gonzo ornithology. He also works as an editor for the Dark Mountain Project. He is c...


Andrew Stuck

Andrew Stuck

Andrew is the founder of the Museum of Walking, created to bring people together and to make and showcase walking pieces and performances. Andrew also is a podcaster, interviewing creative people who use walking as a catalyst for their practice. Talking Wa...

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Date 23/06/2020
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  1. Thanks for last night. V.interesting. Made me revisit Rebecca Solnit – Wanderlust and Bruce Chatwin’s nomadic theories. I noticed how Bruce fails to mention the horse. Thanks again. Matt

  2. I echo the gratitude expressed by both Tamsin and Matt. Truly enjoyed the event and the invitation to revisit — or discover for the first time — all the authors whose work resonated with the themes in the discussion. Many thanks!

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