Poly-Sync. A Collective Radio Performance.

CC-BY-NC: Constanze Flamme

Lets celebrate a very special birthday together – 100 years of radio in Germany – and become part of our collective radio performance – 12th November 2020 6–7 pm (CEST):

Wherever you are, go for a walk with your radio – in the city, in the park, in your apartment. If you do not have an old school radio, use your phone and a boombox (if you are not in Leipzig, you will need internet on a smart device to connected to us and get instructions anyhow). Via your receiver you will be connected to us and all the other people who are going for a walk with their radio. Listen to the voices of our four performers (– sorry German), follow instructions (– in German, English, French, Arabic), and synchronise with many others who are doing the same thing at the same time. All can share their experiences during the performance via instant voice messages that will become part of the live broadcast. Tell us how people react, what you do with your radio, what it means to you… Please also film yourself taking your radio for a walk and interacting with it, post the videos under #polysync, #100jahreradio, #anybodyoutthere, send the material to us, and we will share impressions of the collective radio performance online.

The performance will open the exhibition “Anybody out there?! 100 Years of Radio in Germany” of the Gallery D21 in Leipzig. Afterwards Felix Kubin will play while the radios carry his tunes into public space.

REGISTER: [email protected] (subject: Performance 12.11., please note your location)
BORROW RADIO IN LEIPZIG: [email protected] (subject: Radioleihe)
VIDEO-SNIPPETS (max. 1 min. per sequence) via wetransfer to: [email protected]
VOICE MESSAGES for the live radio show to: 0049-1575-4419216
LIVE TRANSMISSION: In Leipzig on Radio Blau (99.2 MHz, 94.4 MHz or 89.2 MHz.) Worldwide: http://stream.radioblau.de/


Hope to see and hear from you! Stay safe, stay creative!

Date 12/11/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 17:00 UTC
17:00 UTC
End 12/11/2020
Website URL
Location Leipzig, Germany

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