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Smart Walking: Time, Space and Labour

Walking as a Question

A Walking laboratory in which we will analyze, practice and explore our way of being in times of smart working. How much does the ‘smart working’ relegate our bodies in new labour conditions? How did it change the concept of time, space and labour in the pandemic era? What is the impact of the so-called ‘smart working’ in our bodies and well being? How can we introduce the concept of smart walking in the era of smart working?
‘Smart Walking’ is an artistic proposal and a research laboratory that will bring us to discuss current changes in our daily routines, sharing different experiencies and perspectives.

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Walking as a Question

4 - 17 Jul, 2021 · 109 items

2021-07-10 08:00
2021-07-10 08:00

Hosted by: HUB Prespa
Psarades, Greece

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To work or walk hurriedly. from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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