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Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail

Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail

The Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail brings to life the stories behind some of the sculptures and artists that make up Walcha’s renowned Open Air Gallery, while also weaving in the heritage of local people and their insights to the deeper meaning of where you are.

An immersive audio experience to connect with our people, places and community. Listen to Indigenous elders Uncle Cyril and Aunty Sue Green relive childhood memories of eel hunting and life at Summervale, Liz Gill share her passion for including all battles in which Australian armed forces served, and local artists Stephen King and James Rogers working on sculptures and explaining their meaning. A real treasure in the collection of stories is Indigenous artist Gordon Hookey sharing what the Rainbow Serpent sculpture at the Mill Hole tells us about the local first nation people.

The Walcha Sculpture Soundtrail came to life through the dedication and support of Quota International of Walcha Inc. Quota received funding from The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and Walcha Council as well as contributing funds of their own.

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2020-09-08 00:30
2020-09-08 00:30

Hosted by: Quota International of Walcha Inc.
Walcha NSW, Australia

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