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Walking Between Worlds

Walking Between Worlds was initially intended as a real-life guided walk but due to the Covid restrictions, this will now be an online guided walk for anyone who is ambulant or not, in Edinburgh or not.

It is a tour around parts of the Rosebank Cemetery and North Leith Burial Ground looking at graves and street names associated with women who are buried in or associated with Leith, including Ida Bonanomi who accompanied Queen Victoria, and Eliza of Elizafield – a link to the slave trade in America.

The presentation will include photos, video, maps and conversation. Discover some of Leith’s women without having to brave the weather!

Lasting 1 hour.

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2021-02-20 16:00
2021-02-20 16:00


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To walk firmly: Dere dey wir, strampin back an fore.

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