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Walking Detective meet-up


We want to uncover the forgotten or not yet revealed walking compositions – will you help us in our detective work as we search through archives and make connections with walking artists, performers and writers across the globe?

We are setting up a monthly free meet-up called “Walking Detectives” the first of which will take place on Monday, 12th December at 7 pm GMT.

We recently posted an enquiry on the Walking Artist Network, asking walking artists to ‘fill in the blanks’ of pivotal events that had inspired or acted as a catalyst for Walking Art. We want to extend this further, by adding to the walk · listen · create archive, details of walking pieces, and works about walking, that may have lain dormant for many years. We are also keen to reach out beyond the traditional territories, to make connections with walking creatives across the globe.

When we search archives using “walking art’ or “sound walk’ as search terms, how many of the results fall within our existing definitions, and how many are new to us, and of their creators, how many have continued to make walking art? Try it yourself – pick a popular cultural or heritage institution or online database, to see what you find, and share it with us.

Following each meet-up, we will be publishing a featured blog post about what we’ve discovered together, so we hope to see you at our inaugural “Walking Detective” meet-up, where we may set some targets, refine our definitions, and share some recent discoveries!

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2022-12-12 19:00
2022-12-12 19:00


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3 thoughts on “Walking Detective meet-up

  1. I’m confused. “…to make connections with walking creatives across the globe,” but is the meeting online? I’d like to participate if possible. It sounds fun!

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To stroll, meander, as in “I thought I’d marl along to see you.” And “He’s always marreling down the road somewhere.” from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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