HUB Corsica – Walking in transmitting past, present for sustainable futures

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5 - 9 Jul, 2021

Keywords : heritage , memories, transgenerational, mediterranean
The Hub Corsica is constituted by mountain guides-lecturers, historians, environmental scientists which aim is to preserve and to promote natural, cultural, historical and artistic heritage of Corsica.
Corsica island shares with the rest of mediterranean basin a known common heritage but it presents an exceptionnal wealth yet preserved and concentrated on a limited territory between sea and mountain.
The Nebbiu region where the event will occurrence, is part of these corsican territories which testifies to this rich heritage. Besides environmental diversity of mountain and coastline roads this region of north of the island offers archeological, historical and agro-pastoral remains with a built heritage witnesses of past human activities. Despite the rural desertification this region knows as everywhere in Mediterranean basin, there are signs of recovery with new agricultural, craft, touristic, commercial activities…During the pandemic period and lockdowns urban people returned to their origin village. Sanitary restrictions were the occasion for all to well know or discover their near environment.
“Walking in transmitting past and present for sustainable futures” is the thematic of the Hub Corsica walks in sites of an exceptional natural surroundings guided by professionnals (Bureau Montagne du Nebbiu) , amateurs lovers and experts of the region. The aim is to be together across all generations to appreciate the beauty of the chosen places and the diversity of heritage but not only… We think that it is necessary to well know our environment to protect it. How to raise awareness in walking that human is an integral part of his environment? How can Walking make easier the transmission of the knowledge and raise the awareness of risks linked to climate change and to human activities ? How can Walking contribute to raise the awareness of citizen we are or to become ? How walking can create human links?
Inter-generational transmission activities as guided walks, observations of nature, flora and fauna identification, stories on local ways and customs, ludic and pedagogic activities as a walking to search menhirs, sources or historic remains…meeting local actors ( farmers, artisans) animations and exhibitions of artists forward different publics of various origins and generations will be organized.
Hence the Walking will have a cultural, human, philosophic, artistical and citizen dimensions. The corsican language being a part of the Island heritage will accompany french and nature noises. English will be used during our exchanges with the other hubs and organizers of the event. ICTs will accompany us during the walking.
Transmission, memory and anchoring would be more efficient thanks to the emotion generated by means undertaken during walking.
It will be the first experience and it would be interesting to extend it at all the Corsican territories and then beyond the island and particularly at the Mediterranean level.

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A group of friends constitued around Dr Beatriice Khoumeri scientific lecturer of the University of Corsica : professionnals of walking, mountain guide-lecturers of the Mountain office of Nebbiu, Marie-Noelle Lorenzi volunteers amateur photographer and fri...

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