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2021-02-23 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Henna Wang and Michael Reynolds will discuss what they have learned while developing a mobile app, Gesso, creating audio walks, and building a community in New York, all at once. Working towards their vision of democratising storytelling, they’ll also introduce their GPS audio uploader that creators can leverage to publish audio walks.

Henna and Michael are currently based in Brooklyn, and are passionate about culture, podcasts, and exploring cities on foot. Big fans of audio walks, they wondered why there weren’t more experiences available to them in their city.
In early 2020, they made their first audio walk and, since then, they’ve published an audio walk each month in New York, through a Staycation Series that has inspired thousands of listeners to rediscover their city through a new lens. These audio walks have been delivered through their custom built location-based audio app, Gesso. 

Join us on a sonic saunter through New York – we’ll cross the Brooklyn Bridge during the Black Lives Matter movement, take a meditative walk through leafy Prospect Park and trace the Birth of Punk on the other side of the pond. 

Henna and Michael will discuss their iterative process and what they’ve learned while developing a mobile app in tandem with content creation and building a community all in the past year.

Their vision for Gesso is for it to serve as the scaffolding that elevates people to express the world from their vantage point, and therefore will be introducing their GPS audio tool that creators from around the world can leverage.

Henna Wang

United States

Hi! I am Henna Wang, an art historian and sociologist deeply interested in human creativity and connection. My work across the arts and international development sectors have prepped me for my most important role yet: as Co-founder and Co-CEO of Gesso. Ges...

Michael Reynolds

United States

I love exploring cities and have been really fortunate to have lived in a lot of places. I met my wife while I was living in London and we became fast friends with a mutual admiration for exploration and travel. Both of us love last-minute, poorly-planned ...

This event will be moderated by Andrew Stuck.

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