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The World Wide Wander


Solution finding. One step at a time.

There are some big hairy challenges out there, huh? The climate crisis. Global conflict. Polarisation and loneliness. Not to mention personal ones – finding a job, mental health, relationships, healing a grief.

We’re all wondering how to do things differently. But what if the answers are all around us, all the time? That’s why we created the World Wide Wander! We’re not going to solve these questions by just sitting there. Let’s get up, get out and get answers. Join us Friday 27th September 2024, in-person or online. It’s time.

Submitted by: Babak Fakhamzadeh

27 Sep, 2024 · All day

Hosted by: Street Wisdom
Multiple locations

creating encounters

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walking as research.

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World Wide Wander In-Person Walkshop in Athens, Greece

Join Babak Fakhamzadeh for an in-person Street Wisdom Walkshop happening as part of this year's big annual day of wonder and wandering, the World Wide Wander, taking place on Friday 27th September 2024.

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A place to gaze. Conspectuses are viewpoints where the terrain opens itself naturally to the viewer, where the eye can thread in and out of the circle of hills, and names suggest a narrative sequence offering the possibility of beginning to know where you are. Traditional conspectus include suidhe (Gaelic, seat), used to view hunting.

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