A High Street Sound Walk on King Street and Market Place, Great Yarmouth

Walking piece details

Duration20 minutes
Cost Free

Historic England is working with the National Trust and Sound UK to launch a series of self-guided, immersive sound walks to help people discover the magic of their local high streets for Heritage Open Days. Artist Oliver Payne’s sound walk ‘Knapped Flint Cracked Concrete’ explores the contrast and diversity of Great Yarmouth’s high street. Take a journey amongst shops selling used electronics and Eastern European groceries next to pop-up spaces, medieval architecture and decades-old market traders. Listen to the stories of local people who have witnessed the street changing. Find yourself immersed in the evocative sounds that capture the street’s unique identity, from the gentle resonance of a medieval Row to the loud and vibrant music heard from outside a barbershop. Take a moment to slow down, pause and experience the high street in a new way. High Street Sound Walks are available via the Historic England website from 10 September: listen any time via your smartphone or other personal device.


Produced in association with originalprojects and Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

High Street Sound Walks is a commission by Historic England, National Trust and Heritage Open Days with support from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery and produced by Sound UK. It is part of the High Streets Heritage Action Zones Cultural Programme, led by Historic England.

Historic England

Historic England

We are the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. Historic England is leading the High Street Cultural Programme in partnership with National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Arts Council E...

Near King Street, Great Yarmouth, UK

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