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Walking piece details

Duration 525600 minutes

Over twelve months I walked from my home in Wolverhampton, and around Britain. I travelled the length and breadth of Britain on foot and connected its major and minor towns and cities through walking. These long distance walks were interspersed with partnered walks with other walking artists along the way. By travelling through the landscape at this speed I was able to observe and record personal and collective memories of Britain, whilst also considering what is the shape of Britain as we enter into post-pandemic living.

‘A Place to Return to’ is a continuation of my mapping Britain project where I plan to travel every square of the Ordnance Survey maps of Britain and take one analogue photograph.


This work has been supported using public funding by Arts Council of England

Daniella Turbin

Daniella Turbin

Online Jury 2023

Daniella Turbin is an artist-walker from the West Midlands. She has a Masters in Fine Art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art (2017) and her specialist field is drawing. Since completing her studies and returning to the West Midlands she has been on a ...


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