Attack of the Wolfdogs: A Secret Audio Adventure

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Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street, London, UK

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Cost Free

It’s time to seek out the secrets of Southwark and we need your help!

Experience our brand new, free, self-guided audio adventure which begins outside the Unicorn Theatre and takes in the river and old cobbled streets of Shad Thames.

Join your audio guides as together you try to save the city. You’ll need to sneak past frightening Wolfdogs, listen out for the Bears, get ready to battle the Shapeshifters… keep your eyes peeled and prepare to think on your feet, because danger is all around you.

Our brilliantly imaginative, interactive experience uses binaural soundscapes and sinister audio effects to take children and adults on a thrilling, fun adventure. All you need is an audio device each, such a phone or an MP3 player, and your own set of headphones.

Remember on this walk, nothing is quite as it seems…

Head to to the Unicorn Theatre website for more information and to stream or download the adventure.

Created by Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari
With Nicola T. Chang
A Unicorn Production in association with Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari

Near Unicorn Theatre, Tooley Street, London, UK

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