Audio hacking CHOORUS

Walking piece details

Duration40 minutes
SoundCloud audio
Vimeo video

aifoon created audio hacking CHOORUS.

With a backpack containing a speaker, 20 sound carriers walk a choreography. The composition resounding from their backpacks breaks into the listening space of the accidental passers-by.

Before the audio hacking performance we did a workshop ‘carrying sound’.
In this indoor workshop we researched:
– how sound transforms the space and the space transforms the sound
– how the hearing makes connections with the listening
– how we relate to sound and how the listening moves

We decided that the sound carriers didn’t listen to the sound composition before the performance. We just connected audio cues with choreographical formations / appointments in the public space.
This was the preparation before the sound carriers became audience and performer.
We did the performance twice. Each time the performers wore a different backpack.

This was performed (and filmed) in the Burg in Bruges (Belgium).

The video gives you an idea of how it more or less physically worked out.

The audio footage gives an idea of how the composition interfered with the ‘natural’ sounds of the city.

Stijn Dickel

Stijn Dickel

SWS Online Jury 2022 SWS Online Jury 2023

Stijn Dickel is artistic director of aifoon. aifoon is a Belgian arts organisation focusing on sound & listening art. We examine the movement, dimensions & scopes of sound. We capture sounds and use them as raw materials for artistic productions ...

Near Burg, Brugge, België

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