Bath Union Workhouse: a walk for the living with the route of the dead

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Bath, UK

Walking piece details


A sound walk using Echoes xyz.
A meander through a series of tragedies towards hope and responsibility.

The walk uses sounds gathered during the two year Walking the Names project. A slow walking and reading of the names of those who died of poverty in the Bath Union Workhouse. Walkers researched into those names and some of their stories are to be found here as well as creative and spontaneous contributions. In September 2020 the walkers were met by the Bath City Jubillee Waits who played songs for the wakes those buried never had, you will hear the music as you walk.

Walking the Names kept going throughout the lockdowns, the process became a reflection and our contribution to memorialising those who died of the virus in underfunnded care homes.

Richard White

Richard White

Freelance walking and multimedia artist/researcher Richard White devises, curates and hosts walks involving listening, sensing, making and asking questions. His participatory performative practice, Walknow, explores accountability and seeks to develop res...

Near Bath, UK

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