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“Breath-stream” (2020) is a composition that centers around a nature element of air, linking human breath and wind current.

Prior to playing the piece, each performer is instructed to find out the direction from which the wind is blowing, at their geographical location, using a website, “Earth Wind Map”. After recognizing the wind, the score invites the performers to become aware of their individual breath rhythm at first, then to open out the attention to the wind, so the sound is entirely guided by the individual performer to express their internal experience.

The collection of recordings were made in 13 different locations and times (as of 04/23/20).

By creating this website as a platform of performance, Akari hopes to the project to carry on and build the relationships between people as well as with our nature environment through this sonical experience.

APA style reference

Komura, A. (2020). Breath-stream. walk · listen · create.

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huellas de una otra historia

Footsteps of another / alternative history.

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