Bristoler Chronik


Walking piece details

Duration 46 minutes
Cost 0

Inspired by Proust’s idea that true recollection can only occur after a period of forgetting, I returned, after 20 years, to my former Bristol home, and walked from there to my current home. I use the walk as a foundation for a rumination on class, identity, collective and personal memory, subjective consciousness, and the very nature of memory itself. The work is about all these things, but more than anything it is about the nature of walking and the unique mental state entered into when moving on foot.

Cliff Andrade

Cliff Andrade

Award winner

I am a visual artist based in Bristol, UK. My work revolves around the exploration of my lived experience of migration and 'split-identity', and the issues that 'intersect' with that experience, especially issues of class and mental health. I walk, in a wa...

Near Bristol, UK

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