Carnival Trail Companion

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Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Walking piece details

Duration120 minutes

Launched in 2014 as headline event for the Isle of Wight Walking Festival, the Carnival Trail links all the Carnival Towns and Villages together in a single 100 mile route. It celebrates the Isle of Wight as the birthplace of the English carnival tradition, and promotes the 19 summer carnivals and 6 winter parades which take place on the Island every year. Richard White created soundscapes along the way – voices, poems, songs, recorded music and ambient noise to augment the experience.

The soundscapes are part of the Carnival Trail Companion
providing a further level of experience for those visiting the
individual carnival communities. Each of the sound parks offer a short walk through echoes of carnival accompanied by the thoughts and reflections of carnival organisers.

Find out more about the Carnival Trail:

Richard White

Richard White

Freelance walking and multimedia artist/researcher Richard White devises, curates and hosts walks involving listening, sensing, making and asking questions. His participatory performative practice, Walknow, explores accountability and seeks to develop res...

Near Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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