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Dimensionz shows two phases of African Society. We have those who seek to preserve the norms, traditions, the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Africa, and seldom opened to western influence. The traditional ideology and morals are captured in the dressing and family setup. On that phase, the environment is not significantly altered and we are seamlessly intertwined with nature.
The other phase shows Africans who are open to western influence and modernity. We are attuned to the ever-changing environment. The asphalt road, concrete pavement and modern buildings show how humans easily manipulate the environment to our will.
The world is currently going through stormy times, the rainbow in the sky tells of the beauty after the storm. It symbolizes hope for the future generations, a future of diversity, inclusivity, love and friendship.
The younger generation is already ahead and we should follow.

Timothy Aguya Akasiya

Timothy Aguya Akasiya

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