Ea, eau, eay, elt

CC-BY-NC: Gudrun Filipska

Works in Gudrun Filipska‘s ‘Ea, eau, eay, elt‘ series include ‘Beating the Bounds‘ a video work in two parts ‘Waymarks‘, ‘Enveloped Objects‘ and various audioworks, drawings and performances

The Title ‘Ea, eau, eay, elt‘. comes from old colloquial East Anglian words for moisture and dampness – ‘elt’ relating specifically to the soft dampness of earth.

The project began initially with psychiatric case studies of patients with pathological compulsion to wander and offers a counter to grand male and colonial narratives of setting out and adventuring – the project is interested in circular walks, walks as failure and walks which mark domestic territories and boundaries.

The psychic cartographies of ‘Ea, eau, eay, elt‘ are being further developed through a long distance collaboration with artist Carly Butler in Canada in a project called ‘S’.

Since 2016
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